Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA)

We know Canada.

Claigan is the most well known name in Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) compliance for physical products (manufactured items).

Canadian Plastics Registry

Every year, companies must report the plastics in their electronics and packaging to the Canadian government. Claigan’s process will create for you the plastics submission for individual products or for entire companies including:

  • Electronics
  • Packaging
  • North American Product Classification System codes

Canada CEPA Section 71 Surveys

Every year or so, the Canadian government releases a new mandatory chemical substance survey (Section 71 surveys) for importers into and manufacturers in Canada. If you look around for support with Section 71, it usually leads back to Claigan. 

At Claigan we pre-process the chemicals listed and create a very focused approached on the specific chemicals that may be declarable in your products. This removes the burdensome need of sending complex chemicals lists to unaware suppliers.

Canada Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances

Virtually all substances restrictions for products in Canada is governed by the Canadian Prohibition of Certain Toxic Substances. Claigan is the top testing laboratory in the world for the Canadian prohibition. Learn more about our testing services  here

WITH so many regulations Worldwide, we’re here to help make sense of Them all.