Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) Section 71

Section 71 Chemical Survey

Under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), Canada issues periodic mandatory surveys, such as, the batch 1 chemical management plan survey of June 2023. The completion of these surveys is mandatory for companies importing or manufacturing these chemicals in mixtures or articles (subject to certain criteria) into or in Canada. The most recent survey of over eight hundred chemicals was published in June 2023 and is due January 2024. 

These surveys are technically challenging and involve wide ranges of chemicals and uses. Claigan simplifies the process by reviewing all the chemicals and determining first whether each chemical is likely to be in products or chemicals in Canada, and whether any are likely to be in any of your products.

From that refined risk assessment, Claigan can work with you to resolve any of the possible hundreds of chemicals that could be in your products and either create the submission to the Canadian government, or the non-engagement letter (with justification) if your company turns out not to have any declarable substances.

Claigan Advantage

Claigan has technical knowledge and the ability to help companies with the 

  • Risk assessment of chemicals
  • Reviewing your products and uses against the high risk chemicals and scope of the survey
  • Working with you to resolve the chemicals that could be in your products
  • Creating submission files for the Canadian government

Claigan is one of the world’s experts on chemicals and, in particular, Canadian Section 71 surveys. We make the process much simpler and easier.

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