Claigan EU PFAS Restriction Submission Project

EU PFAS Restriction Consultation

Between now and September 25 2023, the EU is holding a consultation on their proposal to broadly restrict perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in products.

Based on Claigan data, PFAS substances are used in over 90% of electronic products and the proposed restriction would involve the re-design of virtually all electronics sold in the EU.

Until September 25 2023, companies can submit feedback on the proposed restriction including requests for derogations (extensions of 7 or 15 years) for specific necessary applications.

Claigan EU PFAS Restriction Submission Project

Claigan is in the process of preparing five (5) submissions to the EU consultation

  • Uses of PFAS in articles (based on testing data from hundreds of products)
  • Sources of harmful PFAS (PFOA and family)
  • Sources of PFAS in drinking water (explanation of PFAS vs PFAS esters)
  • Comparison of alternatives
  • Derogations required by industry (including justifications)

Advantages of Joining Claigan’s PFAS Project

Companies are invited to join Claigan’s EU PFAS restriction submission project. Members of the project will be able to 

  • Submit their uses to Claigan to review, justify, and include in their derogation (exemption) requests
  • Receive education on PFAS uses, substitutes, hazards, and derogations requested
  • Draft submissions for review and comment
  • Final submissions as submitted to the EU

Claigan has a tremendous wealth of technical and laboratory knowledge on the presence, uses, and relative hazards of PFAS (and their potential substitutes). Participants will be able to benefit from Claigan knowledge and data while being able to ensure their PFAS uses are addressed. 

Key note – under the current EU PFAS restriction proposal, the vast majority of products sold into the EU will have to be re-designed over the next three (3) years. Making sure your uses are properly addressed and extended will make enormous differences to your business.

For more information on joining the project, please contact Claigan.

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