Starting January 5th, 2021, products containing REACH SVHCs will have to be registered in the new EU SCIP Database.


According to Article 33 of the EU REACH Regulation, companies placing products on the market in the EU are currently required to identify the Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) above 0.1% in an article in their products.

What is the EU SCIP Database?

The EU SCIP Database is the new REACH SVHC database that goes into effect January 2021. It is mandatory that any product that requires a REACH SVHC declaration must be registered, while it is optional for those that do not require a declaration. 

The process will largely be the same whether you are registering a single component or a complex product. Some general information will be required about the company registering and the product’s materials. Any applicable safe use information will also have to be included and there will be the option to enter a custom warning.  

Claigan is the industry leader in REACH SVHC and can help your company successfully register products with the new EU SCIP Database.

Claigan’s REACH SVHC and EU SCIP process options include:

  • Risk-based analysis and evaluation
  • Screening and testing of products for declarable REACH SVHC
  • Creation of database submission structure for submission into the EU SCIP database
  • Registration and submission into the EU SCIP Database
  • Updating declarations for new additions to the SVHC list

Claigan is presenting a webinar on the new EU SCIP Database. You can register here.

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