Claigan is the top laboratory in the world for testing complex products for restricted materials.

Products are tested for RoHS, REACH, POP, TSCA, PFAS, EU MDR, Prop 65, CEPA, the Canadian Plastics Registry, and many others regulations by Claigan every day. We specialize in handling the most complex multi-component consumer, professional, industrial, and medical products.

Claigan is an  ISO 17025 CERTIFIED accredited laboratory with a decade of experience in testing complex products. All of Claigan’s testing is to a process that solves hundreds of substances over dozens of regulations delivering a comprehensive answer while taking advantage of the overlaps in materials and substances between regulations.

One process. Solves all regulations. Even for the most complex products.

Our structured data is designed for reusability, making annual updates incremental and avoiding the need for a complete data overhaul.

European Compliance

RoHS, REACH SVHC, SCIP, REACH Restriction, MDR, POP, WEEE, EU Packaging

North American COMPLIANCE

AB 1200, Maine PFAS, Proposition 65, Canadian Prohibition, TSCA, US Packaging, FDA Latex, Health Canada


China RoHS, Australia Asbestos, UAE RoHS, KSA RoHS

WITH so many regulations Worldwide, we’re here to help make sense of Them all.