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Supply Chains – EU Batteries, Russian Steel, Canadian Forced Labour
Navigating minerals due diligence, sanctions, and forced labour reporting

On 06 March 2024, Claigan Environmental Inc. ( www.claigan.com) will be presenting a webinar on EU Batteries, Russian Steel, Canadian Forced Labour. All three of these are pressing measures that impact supply chain management. 

In August 2023, the new EU Battery Regulation entered into force. Chapter 7 of the regulation requires companies to conduct due diligence on several battery minerals (cobalt, nickel, lithium, and natural graphite) by August 2025. It is important for companies to begin this work as soon as possible in order to set a standard for best practices amongst suppliers and help mitigate the social and environmental impacts of their products.

Since September 30, 2023 the EU’s amendment to article 3g of Regulation (EU) No 833/2014 has prohibited the direct and indirect import, purchase, and transport of iron and steel products originating in or exported from Russia. On the same day, the UK implemented a corresponding import ban as part of The Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) (Amendment) Regulations 2023. Both the EU and UK measures apply to all types of products, ranging from appliances and flat-rolled steel to small parts such as screws.

In December 2023, the Canadian Government released new information about reporting requirements for Forced Labor and Child Labor for businesses operating or selling goods in Canada. Companies must submit their first report to the Minister of Public Safety Canada by May 31, 2024.

Topics will include:

  • Brief explanation of the due diligence requirements under the upcoming EU Battery Regulation
  • Overview of risks facing battery mineral supply chains
  • Outline of Claigan’s services for companies with battery minerals in their supply chain
  • Who is at risk of stopped shipments and high-risk sourcing indicators in regard to Russian steel
  • How Claigan can help companies respond to sanctions in the EU and UK
  • Who is in scope if the Canadian Forced Labour legislations and how Claigan is prepared to help fulfill annual reporting requirements.


Date: 06 March 2024

Time: 10am and 2pm EST

Duration: Approx. 1 hour

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